We would like to express our deepest appreciation for all your support for the Centennial.
We stopped accepting new donations on March 31, 2018, though our Centennial activities will continue for some time. For donations in general please visit: RIKEN Website Support RIKEN.

RIKEN centennial project

  1. Centennial project laboratories
    Research laboratories or centers will be established to stimulate research activities through partnerships between RIKEN and university or industry researchers.
  2. Future leader fund
    In anticipation of our next hundred years, these funds will be used to help young researchers in their career development, with a view to training future world research leaders.
  3. Improvement of research facilities
    These funds will be used to develop a world-class research environment, through the improvement of research facilities that will be used to strengthen links and exchanges with industry and academic institutions both inside and outside Japan.
  4. Centennial Celebration
    These funds will be used for the centennial celebration and ceremony, the centennial exhibit, and to develop links with industry, society, and local communities, with the aim to ensure that RIKEN will continue to be a needed and valued research institute for the next hundred years.
  5. Collecting, preserving, and displaying historical materials and records
    RIKEN will preserve, utilize, and pass down to future generations the story of RIKEN recorded in the history of Japan's science and technology.
  6. Promoting research to build the future
    Select research topics most suitable for RIKEN, explore unknown fields, seek truth, and promote research that will open up the future.
  7. KAGAKUDO 100 books to foster future scientists
    Convey to the youth of today the fascination, depth, and breadth of science.

How donated funds are being utilized

RIKEN has received several donations totaling approximately 227 million yen as of the end of 2018 (fundraising period is from April 2015 to March 2018). The donated funds were allocated to the "Future leaders fund for young researchers" and used to host eight international symposiums. We appreciate your generous support.

picture:Symposium celebrating RIKEN's 100th anniversary and BSI's 20th anniversary

(Symposium celebrating RIKEN's 100th anniversary and BSI's 20th anniversary)




For more information, including details on tax deductions for donors and RIKEN regulations related to donations and the protection of personal information, please contact:

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