Moving forward with a new RIKEN

Solving global problems through scientific excellence

Hiroshi Matsumoto
RIKEN President

RIKEN was founded in 1917 with donations from the imperial household, financial and business interests, and subsidies from the government, and in March 2017 we will be celebrating our centennial. Through our history we have gone through a number of transformations from foundation to private and then public corporation, then to independent administrative institution, and as of April 2015, to a national research and development institute.

The world is at a major turning point, but despite the turbulence, RIKEN will continue to strive to solve global problems through scientific excellence so as to fulfill our obligation as a comprehensive research institute to contribute to the betterment of society.

As a national research and development institute, RIKEN's primary mission is to maximize research and development outcomes, remaining keenly aware of our responsibility to society, while at the same time ensuring the autonomy and creativity of our scientists. As a world leader in science, RIKEN will strive to create a better life for the Japanese people and the global community.

We ask for your understanding and support.

Science and technology that will solve global problems and contribute to world prosperity

Sadayuki Sakakibara
Chairman, Keidanren
(Japan Business Federation)

Leader, RIKEN Centennial Supporters

In January 2015, Keidanren announced its future vision for Japan, which encompasses creating an affluent and vibrant national life by the year 2030, and also contributing to prosperity of the world by providing solutions to global problems.

President Matsumoto's resolve to have RIKEN solve "global problems through scientific excellence" reflects a commitment to advancing the prosperity of humanity, and we believe that this can be done by reinforcing Japan's capabilities for innovation and industrial competitiveness.

We would like to see RIKEN promote top-level, world-class research that is based on visions and topics shared with business and collaboration that takes advantage of RIKEN's outstanding resources, such as its supercomputers.

For our part, we will provide a variety of support in joint research and in fostering of human resources to help further RIKEN's objectives and development as it celebrates its centennial.

Published in 2015